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Skydiving Gift Certificate SCAM 

Don't be Misled!
Deal Directly with Skydive Skyranch!

In recent months many web sites have popped up selling gift certificates for skydiving.

Booking Agencies

1-800-SKYRIDE is a SCAM!
These sites appear to be representing a skydiving center in your local area, make wild claims that they have hundreds of skydiving schools across the country, and that you are dealing with the reservation center for all of them.

The truth is that there is no nationally owned chain of skydiving schools. They are nothing more than an internet and telemarketing company, adding additional markup and confusion to what should be a straightforward process.

An alert consumer will notice that these services have multiple websites that look very similar, all of which are very general in their information, and all steering you to a call center in a southern state. They will not tell you their location, but will say "yes we have a skydiving center near you." Their websites have names that sound like they should be a skydiving school near a major city or state, but they look very much like several hundred other websites with similarly misleading names.
Don't get scammed ...things to look for…

Look for specific information about their instructors. Skydive Skyranch has some of the most experienced instructors and jumpmasters in the area, all licensed through the United States Parachute Association (USPA) and are listed on our staff page.

Look for specific information about their aircraft and facilities. The aircraft and facilities you see on our website are the ones we own, lease, and operate.
You do not need a "certificate" of any kind to make a jump. You can simply call us to make a reservation - there is no deposit or credit card required. Watch out for "additional fees" when you are purchasing a gift certificate. The on-line resellers have a price that appears to be lower than the major skydiving centers. After they have your credit card number, they will tell you about the additional fees, which naturally make your skydive more expensive than you were originally led to believe. There are no hidden fees with Skydive Skyranch. You can purchase a legitimate gift certificate through our company by calling us (888) 456-JUMP.

Look for a business address. Skydive Skyranch is located at Cecil Smith Field in Siloam Springs, AR. Our mailing address is 715 Fayetteville Ave, Alma, AR 72921. You will find us listed in most major phone books in the area. We will tell you our location and welcome you to stop by to see for yourself why Skydive Skyranch is the oldest and most popular dropzone in the area! The online certificate sellers will not tell you a location until you have made a purchase. That location can be hundreds of miles away.

Your "Reservation" may not exist. The online sellers are there to make a commission by selling you a jump regardless of whether the drop zone can schedule you on a given day. The online seller is not interested in customer service or your satisfaction. When you show up we may have never heard of you nor have any information about your certificate.

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