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We have Static Line classes (solo jump classes) every Saturday beginning at 9:00 A.M.
(Sunday by appointment)
Static line training is the traditional method of learning how to skydive.  The Static line is a 12 foot long rip cord, one end of which is fastened to the parachute, the other to the aircraft.  It is used to activate and deploy the parachute as the student exits. The instructor does not jump with the student in this method. You must be 18 years old and under 240 pounds.
You must be reasonably fit with moderate upper body strength.
Dress comfortably and for the weather conditions. Jeans or shorts and a shirt that tucks in are preferred. We ask that you do not wear a red shirt (emergency cut away handles are color coded red). Tennis shoes are recommended footwear, NO sandals or cowboy boots please.

Static-line training and the first jump usually are accomplished the same day, weather and time permitting. Classes start at 9 A.M. You should complete the ground school around 4:00 P.M.
How Does It Work?
Assisted during climbout by the USPA Static-Line Instructor,
the student exits the aircraft solo with the parachute deploying immediately.

Exit and opening occur at approximately 4000 feet,
You should have a parachute over your head in 1.5 to 3 seconds after exiting the aircraft,
Then you pilot your large, square, ram air parachute to the landing area.
You will have a radio in which an instructor talks you through the canopy flight and landing.
These Ram-Air parachutes have about a 20 mile per hour forward speed and are very maneuverable and responsive, very easy to fly and land.
About half of our first jump students even stand up their first landing.
It is about a 5 to 8 minute canopy ride.
The best part is you are the pilot!

On the average, it takes between 12 and 20 jumps to complete all of the training and qualify to become a licensed skydiver. Through the training we will remove the static line and you will be truly free falling on about your 5th or 6th jump. We will then increase the exit altitude and freefall time with each jump until we work you up to 10,000 feet and 45 second delays (freefalls).
$195 for the ground school and first jump.
Consecutive static line jumps through the student training syllabus are only $75.
After you graduate the program and are permitted to jump without supervision,
lift tickets are just $25 to 9,500 feet, or $25.00 to 11,000 feet. 

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