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Tandem Skydiving

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Our experienced, licensed Tandem Instructors are ready to take you on a skydive.  The ground school for tandem jumping is about 15 to 30 minutes.  After the briefing, you and your Tandem Instructor will be harnessed together with a specially designed parachute for two.  You and your instructor will board the aircraft and climb to between 9,500 to 10,000 feet depending on aircraft.  Once the aircraft is flown into position, you and your instructor will exit the plane together.  Ready, Set, Go!

You will freefall for 25 to 50 seconds at speeds of about 120 miles per hour! At around 5,000 feet,  you can deploy the main parachute if you like.  Of course, your instructor is there every step of the way to make sure you have a safe, and fun skydive. Here comes the fun!

Once your parachute is deployed, you will be handed a set of steering toggles to fly your parachute.  Your instructor will assist you in this and both of you will fly your to the landing area.  It is about a 7 to 10 minute canopy ride.  It is up to you how much you want to participate, if any.  You are welcome to "just go along for the ride", or get aggressive with your parachute.  Our goal is for you to have an enjoyable "First Jump."

After the skydive you will be presented with a "First Jump Certificate" to show to all of your friends.


Video OR Stills pictures are available for your skydive for an additional $75.
Video AND Stills pictures are $110. 
Outside Video/Stills (as shown above) is $200.
We urge you to video your jump as you will only make your first jump once,
and a freefall video of it is a nice keepsake. 
We will upload your videos and photos to your email address.

Tandem jumps are available by reservation.  
Call (888) 456-JUMP or (479) 651-6160 to schedule your skydive.

Tandem Jumps: Only $195

Video or Still Pictures: $75

Video and Still Pictures:  $110 (Instructor Handy-Cam) (Out Side Video/Stills Extra as pictured above)

*MUST be over 18 and under 220 lbs.  Students over 220 lbs is up to the Tandem Instructor. 
Typically, 221 lbs to 240 lbs is $25 extra.  241 lbs and above is typically $50 extra. 
Tandem Instructors set their prices.  Please let us know your exact weight when scheduling. 
If you're not sure, we have scales at the dropzone. 
This will be conducted in the utmost privacy.

Tandem Skydiving is the quickest and easiest way for you to find out what Skydiving is all about!

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