Price includes all gear, jump suit, goggles, training course, jump log book and instructor, and frame-able jump certificate.  Taxes and fees are included; no hidden costs! Note: Only one tandem qualification jump is included in this price. The AFF solo jump from 11,000 feet will require the purchase of an add-on.  If you do well during your qualification jump you will be invited to select the AFF add-on and begin ground school immediately following your Tandem qualification jump. Aircraft used could be a Cessna 182, Beechcraft 18, Douglas DC-3, or a turbo prop King Air. The aircraft we use may vary depending on weather, schedule, capacity, and maintenance requirements. All training and jump will be completed same day.

Add-ons are available for this course! Choose HD Video, HD still shots, HD outside video, Ultimate Jump Altitude (14,000 feet), Extreme Jump Altitude (18,000 feet) or select specific jump aircraft. See our PRICING page, and JUMP SHIP page for more. To purchase this course, simply pre-purchase the Accelerated Free Fall course online for $195.00 and plan to spend a full day with us at SkyRanch.

Limitations: Must be at least 18 years old with no known medical conditions. Maximum weight limit 230 pounds.